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Fittingly Mad: The 10-Minute Workout

Every week I have a stack of fitness DVDs on my desk waiting to be tested. More than half of them have "10 minutes" or "five minutes" written boldly on the cover, implying that this is the length of the workout. Since I've done many fitness DVDs in my time, I know that while the DVD claims "10 minutes to a toner you," that is simply not the case.

We think, "10 minutes? Well shoot, I've got 10 minutes to get in a workout." However, once you pop in the video, you find that there are actually several 10 minute portions to the workout that could add up to more than an hour. Sure you don't have to do them all, but I have a hard time putting in a DVD and simply doing the 10 minute warm-up and feeling good about my workout. I've even seen one minute workout videos — one minute! What is not made clear is that the video is actually made up of 127 one-minute segments, which is over two hours! Here we were thinking we were going to be done in one minute!

Sure, a few minutes is definitely better than nothing. However, I am mad that these companies are trying to draw us in with claims of getting in an entire workout in just 10, eight, six, five minutes, or even one. Why can't they just be forthright? I want to know what I am getting myself into and I don't appreciate bold misleading claims. Be wary of DVDs with such claims. I am not saying you won't get in a good workout, just don't expect it to be in 10 minutes or less.

On a side note, did anyone ever seen There's Something About Mary? Every time I see a video that promises results in 10 minutes or less, I think about the hitchhiker.


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nikodarling nikodarling 9 years
Isn't part of selling any product trying to dupe the customer? The whole idea is to make the product sound way better than it is. They choose their wording very carefully so it sounds like you are getting fit in 10 minutes, most people are lazy and want a quick fix which is why they are buying this. Oh and I love that part with the hitchhiker.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 9 years
I think about that scene with the hitchhiker all the time! While I believe anyone can take ten minutes and use them to exercise, it shouldn't be interpreted as relying on just ten minutes to see fast results. Bodies just don't work that way. It takes time and consistency, regardless of how many minutes you have in the day to work out.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I think it's pretty misleading as well. I mean, yeah, 10 minutes is better than nothing, but I doubt you'll get really good results. Why not just say "Customize your workout by mixing and matching 10 minute workout segments"? That would make more sense to me.
catgirl1 catgirl1 9 years
Actually, I have the DVD pictured here, and I *LOVE* it. I knew what I was getting into when I purchsed it, and it has been one of my most-used exercise DVDs since I got it about 6 months ago. It's really great because there are tons of 1-minute segments that the DVD strings together into a workout based on the level, duration, and section of the body you choose. You never do the same workout twice! It's really great.
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
I *always* think about that hitchhiker, too. :rotfl: I find this really annoying as well! Even the ones that only have a single segment of workout with whatever minutes have warmup and cooldown, too. Why lie, peeps!?
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