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Fitness Exercises and Stretches Fit For Elves This Holiday Season

Fit Moves From Santa's Helpers

Have you ever wondered how those small elves can make such big toys and haul such large bags? I'm convinced St. Nick has them in some serious strength training. If you are finding your arms are tiring from all that wrapping and taping, it may be time for you to look into some exercises suited for the North Pole. Come check them out.

  • How are all those gifts going to be made without a little muscle behind them? Try out a biceps curl that will make for powerful pounding and lifting.
  • To make sure they can hammer away all day and night through the holiday season, Santa's helpers must enlist some wrist stretches to keep their hands flexible and strong.
  • When they're finished wrapping gifts, the little guys have to move them onto the sled. They keep it easy with a few squats to keep their hamstrings in shape.
  • To shove all those packages up the chimney, the elves better have fit triceps. Try these arm moves and see if you can feel the burn.
  • When the hardware is put away, the elves know it's good to take time to stretch those muscles with a few yoga sun salutations.

Source: Flickr user Steve Snodgrass

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