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Just when you thought getting fit meant simply lacing up your sneakers to go for a run, or lifting dumbbells and barbells, Wired has some important updates for you. If you are into techy gear, let your inner fitness geek out to celebrate some (hopefully) soon-to-be released gear. Here are highlights from Wired:

  • Zephyr Smart Soles: Combine a three millimeter sole made out of Zephyr's heart rate monitoring fabric with a small transmitter and you have a virtual running coach. This system will analyze your running stride in real time. The transmitter sends data to a computer, which turns your running gait into a graph to illustrate how you run.
  • Dynamic Bra: Since we know that bounce factor for breasts is pretty intense when running, researchers from down under are developing a bra to help support us up top. Using motion capture technologies, Aussie researchers are designing a dynamic bra that will adjust the stiffness on both the cup and the straps for strategic support during high impact exercise.
  • Cold Feet: When fighting overheating in athletes, cooling the hands and feet is not only much safer, but is also a more efficient way to lower body temperature than water buckets and mist fans. Cooling shoes by Avacore will be based on the cooling gloves the company already makes, which might have been seen on NFL sidelines.

I have to say, I am truly intrigued by that sports bra and hope it makes its debut soon. I'll keep you posted.


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