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Fitness and Gym Slang Terms

Gym Jargon

Modern slang has made its way into the fitness world, and if your vocabulary needs some pumping up, try adding these terms into your workout.

Hammies = Short for hamstrings — the muscles on the back of the thigh, as in "I'm going to go stretch my hammies."

Gun show = Muscular arms

Mirror Muscles = Muscles you see when you look in the mirror, namely pecs (chest muscles), deltoids, and biceps


Newbie = Someone new to the sport, or to the gym

Powerhouse = Core and sometimes core plus a booty squeeze

Resolutionaries = Folks that join the gym on New Year's Day and stick around for about a month

Spin head = Folks that wear full biking gear to spin class

Yogatude = Yogis with a competitive attitude about their spiritual practice

What is your favorite (or least favorite!) piece of gym or fitness slang?

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