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Fitness Must Haves for January 2008

Fit For January: Must Haves

January is a time to start anew and it's one of my favorite months. There is something nice about starting off a new year fresh and optimistic about the year to come. That's why this month's Must Haves are designed to help get you on your way to optimal health in the first month of 2008 and beyond.

To find out all about my picks for January just


  • Start the new year at work healthy with this FitBall Exercise Ball Chair. "Active sitting" or sitting on an exercise ball while working promotes flexibility, coordination, motor skills, core strengthening, and balance.

  • This Smartwool Chunky Visor is a cute essential cap for all your winter sports. Along with being cool, the Smartwool brand assures that you'll be warm and dry while heading down the slopes.
  • January is National Cervical Cancer Month so if you're a woman, it's a great time to call your doctor and schedule a HPV and/or Pap Test. Add it to your list of resolutions for 2008. After all, early detection saves lives.
  • The Walt Disney World Marathon is on January 13th. It is too late to sign up this year but cheer on your friends who are running it in 2008 and sign up now to run the race in January 2009.
  • The Gymboss is the perfect companion for anyone who does reps and sets at the gym. It not only keeps track of your sets but also will count down your rest time in between.
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Bksuga Bksuga 9 years
I like the chair but knowing me i'd fall off
suzanne suzanne 9 years
I love the hat, but I look stupid in hats :(
wiggle wiggle 9 years
I love that hat!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
ooOooOOo that exercise ball chair looks neat!
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