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Fitness Pros Complain About NBC's Biggest Loser

Fitness Pros Weigh In on The Biggest Loser

Fall TV is back, and with it comes the return of The Biggest Loser. Now in its eighth season, the weight loss reality show has inspired many viewers to get off the couch and get to the gym.

Although it cannot be denied that the show has brought health and weight loss, or at least the notion of it, into millions of households across America, there are some fitness professionals who disagree with the tactics used. IDEA, an international organization of fitness and wellness professionals, published a long article discussing the fitness regimen used on the ranch. In the article, personal trainers weigh in on the show. Here are two similar complaints, voiced in the article by fitness professionals:

“There seems to be little concern for biomechanics, and many contestants who clearly have been avoiding even the simplest forms of activity for years are now doing explosive, full-body plyometric exercises. There is simply no sound reason for doing this."

"Speed is only appropriate when you’ve mastered the basics of movement. Many of the contestants on that show have no business jumping or doing explosive exercise."

Learn how Bob Harper, Biggest Loser trainer, responds when you


Harper defends the show's workout regimen, explaining that there is a logical progression. But watching contestants while they learn the ropes doesn't make for exciting TV. The heavily edited two-hour show comes from hundreds of hours of footage. Harper also explains, in response to criticism for yelling at the contestants, that he and Jillian might care too much. Most paying clients do want to be motivated, but most likely won't stand for yelling.

While the ultimate message of the show is health and personal accountability, some trainers feel the message of extreme exercise might cause more harm than good.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the show? Will you be watching this season? Do you think the workouts are too over the top?

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