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Fitness Trainer Booty Gains Instagram

This Fitness Trainer Has Important Advice For Anyone Working on Booty Gains

Madalin Giorgetta, certified personal trainer with over 361,000 followers on Instagram, knows what it takes to build a booty. She went through her own personal booty transformation, and now she's helping women everywhere achieve the same goal.

Yesterday she posted a before and after picture of her glutes. The first was from November 2016 and the second was taken eight months later. It's clear to see that she increased her booty size by a pretty significant amount, and she reminds everyone that this change didn't happen overnight. "Progress takes time," she reminded her followers. You can't expect to see serious glute gains with just a few weeks of work.

Another useful tip Madalin had was to take photos of your hard work. "I encourage my clients to take as many photos as they can as photos are a great indication of progress!" she wrote. "My own transformation gives me the motivation to get up every morning and work hard in the gym."

Madalin had an even more important piece of advice, though: "Don't compare yourself to somebody else. Compare yourself to you," she said. "Instagram can be a scary place if you're constantly compared yourselves to fit girls."

In her previous Instagram posts, Madalin has always encouraged people to eat a good amount of food, because you need the calories and nutrition in order to lose weight and get strong. Restricting yourself of healthy food isn't doing you any favors.

We caught up with Madalin, who gave us a few extra exclusive tips on growing your glutes. "So many people think that the best way to grow your booty is through squats, when in actual fact, the best way to grow your booty is through hip thrusts, glute bridges, and a mix of abduction exercises involving cables and resistance bands," she told POPSUGAR. So don't be scared of the barbell, eat plenty of food, and don't compete with anyone but yourself.

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