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Fittest and Fattest Cities Across America

Do you live in one of the fittest cities in America, or one of the fattest cities? Or maybe neither. Men's Fitness has once again done the research and found the fittest and fattest cities and the findings are not surprising.

Highlights of the fittest cities:

  1. Colorado Springs. That fresh mountain air is the best you can find anywhere, and there are more than twice as many health food stores per capita than in any other city.
  2. Minneapolis. Keeping fit is easy when there are more basketball courts and gyms per capita than any other city. Also, people spend 49% less time watching TV than in other surveyed cities.
  3. Albuquerque. With 57% fewer watering holes per capita than the national average, getting that beer belly is much harder. Staying outdoors is much more fashionable: The city's 361 parks are among the most in the nation on a per-capita basis.
  4. Denver. There must be something in that mile-high air. The city ranks among the tops in high participation rates in running, biking and walking.
  5. Portland, Ore. Consuming fruits and vegetables is a top priority here; a survey-high 15% eat the recommended five servings a day.

For the fattest cities

Highlights of the fattest cities:

  1. Las Vegas. Poor eating habits and an alarmingly sedentary population kept Sin City atop the gluttony charts.
  2. Arlington, Texas. Commute times have increased almost a half-hour in the past five years, and the percentage of overweight people skyrocketed in the past year from 36.5% to 43.2%.
  3. San Antonio. Parks are scarce in the city, and people are more likely to get their kicks from binge drinking. In a survey, more than 20% of San Antonians acknowledged having five or more drinks in one sitting within the past month, higher than the national average of 14.7%.
  4. Fort Worth. People are just less likely to go out and exercise compared with those in other cities. It probably has something to do with the fact temperatures top 90 degrees an average of 101 days each year.
  5. El Paso. A relatively low number of golf courses, gyms and tennis courts makes it hard to find a place to get fit. And again, the Texas heat is too much to handle.


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