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Fittingly Green: Bike at Least Part of Your Commute

Biking to work is good for your health and good for the planet since your bike won't emit harmful pollution. If your commute is too far to go all the way on your wheels, then just bike some of the way. Pack your bike in your car, drive part of the way, then park your car, get on your bike, and finish the commute on your seat. If you ride the bus to work, bring along your bike and get off a few stops early so you can bike the rest of the way. You'll burn calories, strengthen your heart and quads, save money on gas, and you'll be cutting down on air pollution. Just be sure to wear your helmet for safety.


oging76 oging76 8 years
How I wish I can ride my bike to work.
nia0nia nia0nia 8 years
yeah, sorry fitsugar, seems the consensus is against this one. Are bikes welcome on public transport in san francisco? Cycling to the train station / subway or busstop is great idea though. A friend of mine does that in London - not at all the bike-friendliest of cities but she enjoys the excercise and (not so) fresh air before work. I've cycled all the way to work in the past - always in my work clothes. Worked out just fine and even though i cycled moderately so as not to get stinky , it was faster than waiting for the bus to crawl through the rushhour traffic
Allytta Allytta 8 years
bikes aren't allowed on the bus :)
Ninchen Ninchen 8 years
It is forbidden to take bike into the bus, tram and some trains here so this wouldn't actually be possible for me.
itsme3683 itsme3683 8 years
Yeah I agree with the other posters... there is sooo much wrong with just leaving my car parked on the street somewhere in LA. Plus, how are you supposed to bike in business-casual? I don't see a pencil skirt working so well... I mean you could bring your gym bag and change, but things will get wrinkled, etc, and you would have to re-do your makeup... eek just sounds like a disaster. I mean if you're casual and close, and you don't have the ghetto in between like I do, then yeah, I just don't think it's necessarily a good solution for big city dwellers.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Ok, so in theory that sounds good, but for me that'd be highly, HIGHLY impractical and would add a good 20 minutes onto my already long commute. There'd be nowhere on the edge of town for me to safely park my car; plus my car has no way of carrying a bike on it. I do use my bike for errands around town, but for work it's just not going to be a good option for me.
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