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Fittingly Mad: Can't a Girl Go For a Run? Geez

Fittingly Mad: Can't a Girl Go For a Run? Geez

Here's the deal. This actually happened. No joke. I was out running the other day and some guy yelled from his porch, "Hey baby. Why are you running away? Why don't you run over here?" I wanted to run a mac truck over him.

It was as if my baggy sweatshirt, said "Rude comments welcome?" Why do guys feel like they can hoot and holler at anyone with boobs? Do they think they are being funny? Sexy? Motivating? My response was run even faster to get away from the idiot.

Now I'm not saying all guys are to blame. But it's that one sleazy guy who can ruin a run and running alone in general. Don't let him ruin it for you though.

Fit's Tip: If you run alone keep the volume low on your iPod so you can still hear what's going on around you. If you run in the dark, use well lit streets. Or call up your best friend and run together in a girl pack.

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