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The other day, I was waiting my turn for counter help at a fabric store (getting some detailing for Halloween costumes). I was behind an older gentleman, and I had to stand there and watch his nose drip directly onto the counter. And not just once, mind you. I was a little stunned he just let it drip out and onto a public surface. He made no attempt to wipe his nose. He pulled out no tissues. I am teaching my little girls these hygiene habits, and I thought a man 20 years my senior would have these healthy habits down.

The woman behind the counter did not offer him a tissue either; but when he walked away, she did produce a spray bottle and wiped the counter down. We were both annoyed by the drips, but why did it get to this place anyway. If you have a cold accompanied by a drippy nose you should carry some tissues so you can wipe your nose on a regular basis. Of course, after wiping or blowing your nose you should wash your hands, but most importantly don’t drip on me!

I would love to see tissues on every counter. Until then I will be keeping them in my own pocket! Along with some hand sanitizer, since I know I am a serious germaphobe, but I find it pays to stay vigilant to stay healthy!


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