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Fittingly Mad: Don't Share?

Fittingly Mad: Don't Share?

I have decided that little kids are germ factories disguised as our utterly cute progeny. Our love for them shadows the truth of that fact. Recently, at yet another doctor's appointment, I was told to not share food with my kids as a means of protection, of self preservation through these viral times. Saliva is a major transmitter of germs.

It sounded so logical, so plausible, until I got to the dinner table that night. Do you know how impossible it is to NOT share food with your kids? We are in the "learning how to share" phase of toddler life. Let me tell you it is a long learning process. Since I have to model behavior I really feel like I can't say "No." Especially when I hear the words "bite please mama" come out of my toddler's mouth.

Plus, even though she starts her meal on her own, she eventually climbs onto my lap. She eats from my plate and asks for bites from my fork and she is fast. Sometime she steals a bite off my fork that was actually headed for my mouth.

That was the craziest advice I have ever heard. Urrrggghhh- don't share food with your kids. Urrrggghhh.

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