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We've heard that it doesn't pay to be macho when lifting weights. So why do so many people — sorry to say, it's primarily men — insist on slamming down their weights? More often than not, my gym workouts are rattled by the clanging of weight plates or the sound of someone dropping a giant barbell onto the floor. There are signs posted that specifically say "don't drop weights," since it's both rude and disruptive. Sometimes it hurts my ears so much I think I'd be better off wearing earplugs.

What really gets me is that these offenders are not only making a ruckus, they're also probably not getting the most out of their lifting. Though you should push your muscles to the point of fatigue when lifting, it's important to stop if you start to lose form. If you don't have the strength to lower the weights down gently, that's not a good sign — though I suspect that some folks do it just for dramatic effect.

The gym is a shared space, so I've considered saying something to the patrons who slam down weights. But I always chicken out. Do you think I'm overreacting or does this get under your skin, too? Have you ever said anything to anyone about it?


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