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Fittingly Mad: McDonald's Fruit Salad

Fittingly Mad: McDonald's Fruit Salad

For most people, holidays equal traveling. It's inevitable that when you're on the road, you're going to get hungry.

When I was traveling over Christmas weekend, I wanted a snack and had heard about McDonald's fruit and walnut salad. I thought, "Well, that can't be too bad for me."

So I stopped in and ordered what I thought was going to be a pretty healthy snack.

Well I'll have to give McDonald's credit - the apples and grapes were actually real fruit. Plain old cut up Granny Smith's and red grapes, just the way nature intended.

But here's where Mickey D's screwed up big time. The apples come with a yogurt dip - but there was nothing yogurt about it. Might as well call it liquid frosting.

Annoyed, I moved on to the walnuts. They were in a little plastic packet and my eyes happened to glance at the back and there were a bunch of ingredients. This confused me because the last time I checked, the only ingredient in walnuts was walnuts.

Oh, but McDonald's thought they'd do me a favor and sugar-coat the goodness out of all those nuts. Thank you so much McDonald's, for ruining a potentially healthy snack.

Fit's Tips: I don't think I need to tell you to steer clear of that disappointing "salad." Instead, if you're going to be traveling this holiday, plan ahead. Pack your own snacks and meals in a little cooler, so you won't have to resort to frosting flavored yogurt.

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loveshorses loveshorses 6 years
Nice try McDonald's, but what a disappointment! Tasted too sweet - 25 grams of suar (!) - with the sugar-coated walnuts and the aftificially-sweetened vanilla yogurt. Guess that's why I hardly ever go to McDonald's. Unless I'm desperate.
gagirl gagirl 10 years
I, too, rarely ever go to McDonald's for actual "fast food". However, I'm a regular when it comes to coffee or their snacks. Their fruit and yogurt parfaits are the best! And at 100 calories, you can't beat it. I also get the apple dippers which I think are meant for kids but who cares? They're so good and healthy. I've tried the fruit and walnut salad and was surprised to find candied walnuts. It does defeat the purpose somewhat. But regardless, that salad is 500x better than the other crap on the menu. Although, I shouldn't call the fries crap since they're the best. :)
EllePixie EllePixie 10 years
Not to be a killjoy...but the fruit/walnut salad at McDonald's isn't so bad. If you go to the website and check out the nutritional content, it's fine if you don't eat the candy coated walnuts. The yogurt dip is some kind of low fat deal...may taste like frosting, but doesn't have nearly as many calories or as much sugar. Just leave the walnuts out. I used to get this salad a lot for lunch and think it's a good alternative for fast food. It only has like 170 calories and 1g of fat without the walnuts. Next time, check out the nutritional content.
Scout22 Scout22 10 years
it's a rare event to go to McDonald's but I get a large coffee and apple dippers (they are only 50 calories) and work for when your in a rush and need that little something to get you on your way :) Scout
NNPW NNPW 10 years
I just watched super size me, and they're going to have an encore presentation of it tonight, mcdonalds is bottom of the barrel, and although I only ate there a few times this year, one of my new years resolutions is to eat absolutely no mcdonalds unless i was stranded with no other food. :-p
HariboLicorice HariboLicorice 10 years
Just more proof that mcdonalds is disgusting. I think that they build their client base 1) out of the addiction their food causes and 2) out of keeping people fat and depressed which makes them binge, and what better place to binge than a junk food haven like mcdonalds- where everything is 99cents. THat and it is a class issue. They're taking advantage of a poorer (and therefore probably less well educated) consumer base that falls for their lame marketing schemes. They're DISGUSTING. I'm so glad I always hated their food, even as a kid- I made my mom peel the breading off the chicken nuggets.
KimmiAnn KimmiAnn 10 years
I'm addicting to their parfaits! No more yanky my wanky, the donger need sleep! Long Duck Dong
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