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Fittingly Mad: Must You Honk While I Run?

I love to run outside. The warm breeze, wide open spaces, and gorgeous scenery are all really inspirational. I feel so much more alive and energetic running outside than I do inside on a treadmill. I'm sure you can relate. I also love running outdoors because it's more challenging with the wind resistance, hills, and obstacles you have to jump over. The last thing I need is for someone to be watching me, honking, screaming obscene comments out the window, and waving rude gestures! Am I wearing a shirt that says, "Beep if You Like Running," or "Bother Me," or "Degrade Me"? Not only is it immature, but it's so annoying. I run outside to get fresh air and some peaceful alone time, and the hooting and hollering just about ruins it for me.

Most of the time I just ignore the oglers, but part of me wants to flip them the bird. Lately I've been changing up my running routine so that I'm on less busy roads, but it upsets me that I have to avoid certain places just because of the few people that have to act like idiots.

I'm sure you've experienced this, so how do you deal with people honking while you're running outside?


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