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Fittingly Mad: Pets On Board

Recently, I went on a trip and as I took my seat on the plane, I heard a faint and desperate sound. "Meow...meow...meowwwwww." I turned to the woman next to me and asked, "Did you hear a cat?" "Two," she said, and pointed. Yup. There were 2 cats cramped in little cat carriers under the seat for a 7 hour plane ride.

My first thought was, "Those poor kitties," and my second thought was, "Poor me." Although I love cats, I am also highly allergic to them. Needless to say, my trip was an asthma attack waiting to happen.

So what's the deal? You can't bring more than 4 oz of liquid on the plane, but you can bring a friggin cat? Most airlines, like Delta do allow you to buy a one-way ticket for your pet, but they have to be small enough to fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you. And you're not allowed to let them out. So when do they get to use the bathroom? I don't wanna know.

As if flying doesn't already do enough to your precious sinuses, now we have to worry about sneezing, itchy watery eyes too. I guess enough people haven't complained about this.

Let me be the first to say it. Pets don't belong on planes. It gives them a little furry heart attack being cramped up and not knowing what's going on. Lots of folks have pet allergies so pet owners and the airlines need to consider this before causing someone a major allergic meltdown.

On a similar side note - Kids should not be allowed to bring whistles on board either.

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