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In light of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week from February 25 - March 3, and because another model, Eliana Ramos, has passed away from anorexia, I am overwhelmed with so many feelings. I'm angry with the media for making girls think that thin equals beauty. I'm also sad for people battling eating disorders, and for the families who've lost loved ones.

It's not just models and actresses who feel the pressure to be super thin. The young girls and women of the world who see magazine covers think that that is the norm, the expected.

The average female model weighs up to 25% less than the typical woman and maintains a weight at about 15 to 20 percent below what is considered healthy for her age and height.

Some models go through plastic surgery, some are "taped-up" to mold their bodies into more photogenic representations of themselves, and all photos are airbrushed and altered by a computer designer before going to print (in fact this photo, I think, might even be manipulated to make the model appear even thinner for some pro-anorexia site).

These body types and images are NOT the norm and are unobtainable to the average individual. But unfortunately, the constant force of these images on society makes us believe that we should all look emaciated and rail-thin.

We need to remind each other and ourselves constantly - especially young girls - that these images are fake. Being healthy and having a healthy body image is what it's all about.

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kerneschick2005 kerneschick2005 10 years
Do you know what is REALLY sad? Girls with eating disorders have a distorted body image, as well as a distorted view of beauty. They have a tendency to believe that thin IS beautiful--that girls that look like the one in this photo (re-touched or not), are beautiful. Been there, done that. Thank goodness the fashion industry (in Spain, at least) is getting the hint and taking the initiative to change the way models look.
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 10 years
Whats sad is this idea really is never going to change. Yes right now a few companys may stop using super skinny models because the stigma right now. But watch in a year or so you wont hear about it and those super skinny models will be back. Its so hard for young girls and women to grow up and look at these skinny images everywhere and that being skinny is associated with being beautiful. I have felt that myself and all my girlfriends feel the same way , even my friend who is a size 2 feels fat most of the time. Its hard not to in todays society.
RockinHeartJD RockinHeartJD 10 years
absolutely disgusting. I doubt the modeling industry will ever change- for some reason having no body and looking sickly sells clothes?? YUCK
Fitness Fitness 10 years
Well said.
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
That pic is sick. I really wish I could single-handedly let all young girls (and guys) know that they do not have to look like the people on magazine colors in order to be loved.
SaraSmile SaraSmile 10 years
Well put! I did a report for one of my classes about how young girls are using the Internet to create a pro-anorexia/eating disorder community and over and over again models were used to 'thinspire.' Craziness.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 10 years
What disturbs me most is that fashion designers prefer these tall yet thin, undersized women to model their outfits. What is that saying to consumers and people who see these images?
susanec susanec 10 years
New York Magazine had a great article last week called "The Incredible Shrinking Model" in its Fashion Week coverage (along with food diaries from a male model, a female model, a publicist, and an editor. The worst wasn't necessarily who you'd expect).
stardelice stardelice 10 years
You're absolutely right. The psychological pressure put on girls today to be thin and aceptable (not even for themselves but for others) is something encouraged constantly in adverstisement and, well Hollywood, too. We can only hope to teach younger people that beauty consists of layers and the outside is the one that lasts the least. One other thing, that picture is doctored... can't remember the site, but its a french guy who retouches pictures to make models look muuuuuch thinner. Lux
JustSomeChick JustSomeChick 10 years
Well said, Fit.
mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
wow, that pic is scary..
Robyn-Tang Robyn-Tang 10 years
The subject of eating disorders is something I feel strongly about, especially ever since having to deal with them myself. I constantly pray that people don't succumb and go through the hellish ordeal of eating disorders.
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