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In light of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week from February 25 - March 3, and because another model, Eliana Ramos, has passed away from anorexia, I am overwhelmed with so many feelings. I'm angry with the media for making girls think that thin equals beauty. I'm also sad for people battling eating disorders, and for the families who've lost loved ones.

It's not just models and actresses who feel the pressure to be super thin. The young girls and women of the world who see magazine covers think that that is the norm, the expected.

The average female model weighs up to 25% less than the typical woman and maintains a weight at about 15 to 20 percent below what is considered healthy for her age and height.

Some models go through plastic surgery, some are "taped-up" to mold their bodies into more photogenic representations of themselves, and all photos are airbrushed and altered by a computer designer before going to print (in fact this photo, I think, might even be manipulated to make the model appear even thinner for some pro-anorexia site).

These body types and images are NOT the norm and are unobtainable to the average individual. But unfortunately, the constant force of these images on society makes us believe that we should all look emaciated and rail-thin.

We need to remind each other and ourselves constantly - especially young girls - that these images are fake. Being healthy and having a healthy body image is what it's all about.

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