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Look, I know everyone has their own technique for running. From barefoot running to chi running to eco-running, I'm supportive of trying out different styles. What am I not supportive of? Stomping running.

It seems as if every day when I am at the gym there is a stomper present. Stompers seem to have the same technique as if Bigfoot were on the treadmill next to you. I'm sure you've seen and heard this person before. They run with a lead foot, and every step makes you turn around to make sure the roof isn't caving in somewhere. In fact the stomping is so loud that you can't even pay attention to The Hills rerun that you were psyched to see on at the gym.

Yup, I'm talking to you Mr. Stomper. Yes, maybe that is just, "how you run," but man, you should really work on your form. Not only are you disturbing everyone else around you, but I can't even begin to imagine the damage you're doing to your lower back, knees and ankles. Ever heard of being light on your feet? Maybe you should think about applying this to your runs. Seriously, if you drag your feet anymore, you're probably going to trip and fall. Or here's an idea, how about slowing the pace down so you can actually keep up? No one is measuring your manhood by how fast your treadmill belt is going, I promise.

Oh, and the burping while running, that has got to stop too. That's just nasty.


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