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Let me ask you a question: Do the complimentary towels at your gym feel more like a joke than a luxury? When signing up for a membership they always say, "Oh and we offer complimentary towel service for all our members," as if this club was the first to offer such a valuable commodity.

Why then, are they so dang hard? I understand that gyms need to practice good hygiene and use bleach, which can severely damage the fibers in the towels, but can't they figure out a system to make them just a little tiny bit softer? I am paying a pretty penny for this gym membership and all its amenities (i.e. free towels) and it would be nice if I could actually use them for once.

Why also, I ask you, must they only be large enough to cover about one square inch of my body? Unfortunately I am not one of those ladies who can walk around the locker room totally butt-naked. If you're one of those ladies, more power to you -- But me, I like to cover myself up. Problem is that covering myself up means taking three or four of those little towels and strategically placing them all over my body so it looks like I am gearing up for a toga party.

All I am asking for is a complimentary towel that I actually can use, because for once I would love to stop bringing my own towels, ones that don't feel like sandpaper and look like something my one year old niece would use, from home. If that is not going to happen can I get that $10 a month (that I am assuming is tacked on to the monthly charge) credited back to my account if I promise not to use a towel?


PDavid PDavid 10 years
yeayea I use my own
SU3 SU3 10 years
Problem is that covering myself up means taking three or four of those little towels and strategically placing them all over my body so it looks like I am gearing up for a toga party. :ROTFL: You crack me up, Fit! LOL
lovekailua lovekailua 10 years
darn when i saw the title i thought this was going to be about people who drip, drizzle and just drench the cardio and other machines with sweat and god knows what else but dont have the decency to bring a towel to the gym to wipe up after themselves. im so sick of it i might stop going, it is digusting and i go to a gym that opened up 8 months is otherwise a great gym except for the people!!! but yea this is bad too...i just wish my gym made people use towels while working out. my old gym it was a rule.
MateLatte MateLatte 10 years
The problem with making all of the towels larger (say twice as big) is that it uses tons more (say twice as much) water, electricity, and bleach to wash them. Ideally, they would offer two sizes, tout the environmental benefits of using a small one, and hope that small women and women who aren't modest would continue to use the small towels. Well, that's probably idealistic! I do think modest women and larger women should have the option of covering up with a bigger towel.
Katiebabesc Katiebabesc 10 years
Thank god someone else is on my side. I complained to my gym and they treated me like I was crazy. Im not kidding, their literal response was "we have open showers so if you are comfortable showering in there, then why do you care about the size of the towel?" Hmmmm let me think, slight difference between showering with other showerers, and parading across an open room.
MaggietheCat MaggietheCat 10 years
My gym doesn't offer towels. But really, I don't understand why they should. I wash my gym clothes at home. I can wash a towel, too.
krisua krisua 10 years
Wow! Straightforward words, and probably for a reason, too. I never use gym's towels so I wouldn't know.
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