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Fittingly Mad: Trash on the Trail

The other day I went for a hike with my girls on a gorgeous sunny day. Everything was green, the birds were singing, and we even got to see a woodpecker. That's not all we saw though. One of my girls said, "Mommy, what's that?" Eww, there was trash on the trail. What is up with that?

On our 2 hour hike we saw energy bar wrappers, empty water bottles, dirty tissues, cigarette butts, a Diet Coke can, and we even saw a sock. This made me so angry, to see people just trashing the trail like it was a garbage dump.

I happened to have a plastic bag in my lumbar pack that held our snacks. So we spent our entire hike picking up after people who were too lazy and inconsiderate to hold onto their litter and dispose of it properly!

Come on people. It's bad enough that we trash our streets and highways, but just because there's no trash can on the trail, (and nobody around to remind you) doesn't give you the right to ditch your junk wherever you please.

I'm sure you've all seen this before too. It just gives me this awful feeling inside to go to a beautiful place and see garbage. It's disrespectful, knowing these preserved places are slowly dwindling away. We really need to work hard at preserving what little natural areas we have left, and cleaning up after ourselves really isn't asking too much.

When it comes to litter bugs, what do you think?


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