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OK so I know that men like to bulk themselves up and pump iron. I get that. What I don't get is why it seems that some men, who are normally complete gentlemen in any other situation, can turn into testosterone breathing buffoons as soon as they hit the weight room floor. It's as if all manners are left at the door and the term ladies first is completely forgotten.

Here is the thing fellas, we're not competing with you. Most of us women only use 15 pound weights, while you struggle with the big man 50 pounders. It's not like I am trying to cut your man time short -- all I am asking is that you put down that freaking newspaper and let me use the bench while you're breaking between sets. Whether you like it or not more and more women are doing weight training now too, so don't act all shocked to see a woman in there with you.

Oh yeah, and fellas, it'd be great if you could stop looking at my butt when I do dead-lifts. Thanks.

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Sortem Sortem 5 years
So you have a routine and you can't deviate from that routine - maybe come back to that exercise later? I'm guessing you probably think you're butt looks a lot better than it really does. You should stop being so presumptuous - you're not the center of attention at the gym. Thanks.
peacewalker peacewalker 5 years
Furthermore, the gym is no a social club, it's not an etiquette place, it's a place to WORK.
peacewalker peacewalker 5 years
What makes you think the men are even paying attention to you? Why would we be competitive against people who can't lift anywhere near as much as we can? You act like testosterone is a bad thing, but its necessary to build muscle! If you don't like being around guys that work hard, then go to a woman's gym or some pansy commercial gym like Planet Fitness.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
I agree, that's why I got me some equipment in my garage.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Scratch5, my gym has a ladies only section, too. I could never go if it didn't. I hate the feeling of being checked out and I also hate going into the "men's" section of the gym because it feels like I can't even fit in there with all those egos in there already.
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
My gym has a ladies only weight room for this very reason!!! I find weight themselves a little intimidating and am so happy that when I experiment with lifting there is no testosterone around!!! so power to you FIT!!
sonoma-b sonoma-b 10 years
I am right there with you FIT! You go girl!!
DStirk DStirk 10 years
i have seen guys do this at 24 hour fitness before.... its seriously the worst. the new gym i belong to has rules against it. thank godness. and i am with you on the butt thing.... guys do that anywhere and its so annoying.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
:rotfl: Testify, fitsugar! :D
SugarCane SugarCane 10 years
Hmmm, does your gym have anyone you can speak to concerning some of the guys just sitting on the equipment as versus doing a "set"? Also, check the use of equipment rules at your gym. The gym should have rules posted somewhere, that include a list of do(s) and don't(s). This is very rude! I don't know your level of aggression, but you might ask the guy if he is going to just read or do a set...otherwise "can I do a set, if you are just reading?" I mean he can read standing up also...unless the "T" hormone prevents that sort of thing.
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