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Fittingly Mad: Wear a Helmet Already

As the weather improves I see more and more folks out riding their bicycles. Enjoying the sunshine and feeling the wind blow their hair about...Wait...HOLD ON...If their hair is blowing all about it means they are not wearing a helmet. Not wearing a helmet???!!!??? You need to protect your noggins people.

Now I will readily admit bike helmets are not very attractive. Bike helmets might even feel dorkier than they look. But I spent a lot of money and time filling my brain with knowledge, both important and trivial. I love knowing that there are 26 bones in a foot, and that relámpago means "lightning" in Spanish. I would hate to lose that valuable information because while cruising on my bike my head accidentally came into contact with the car of an errant driver, or the pavement, or a light pole. You don't wear helmets because you are a crazy cyclist, you wear them because sometime cars don't stop when there's a red light, and because occasionally off leash dogs wander into the street, or because some pot holes are practically invisible.

So enjoy your bike and protect your brain. And why you are at it - get a bike light. Biking on a warm night is such a pleasure, but make sure you can be seen.

Please, please - pretty please.

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