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Why is it so hard to exercise at home? It feels like it is so much harder to work out at home than at the gym. We bought an elliptical machine recently. We moved furniture around our gear laden household to accommodate it (they're pretty big don't ya know). We thought it would be convenient and that we'd use it all the time. In my head I heard myself saying "Hold that thought. I'm just going to jump on the elliptical." But you know what? I have never said that.

There seems to be some kind of mind/body disconnect. Just because I see it everyday doesn't mean I am getting any benefits from it. Just owning it is not enough. You have to actually USE it. I have a lot of excuses. I tell myself that I'll use it early in the morning. But then the kids wake up early. I tell myself I will use it after the kids go to bed. But at that point of the day folding laundry, ironing, dusting, anything sounds better than that.

Aaaggghhh. Sometimes the things that are good for you are so hard to do.

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