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Five Free Fitness Videos from FitSugar

In Case You Missed It: FitSugar Exercise Videos

Now that the holiday season is officially over, you may be looking for some new ways to get exercise back in your life. Or if you did not falter during the party season here are a few FitSugar videos to help you spice up your exercise routine. Just in case you missed these quick and easy videos the first time around, here are five FitSugar exercise videos for you to try!

  • Short, Sweet and Complete Abs: Everyone should have a strong belly and this workout will get you strong. It works all abdominal muscle layers, get ready to work it!
  • Four Minute Booty Workout: The name pretty much says it all. Focusing on your back side for four minutes will pay off. Personally, I like doing two reps of this workout.
  • Mini Boot Camp: Work your entire body using this video with absolutely no props or accessories needed. Get ready for a bunch of exercises that work multiple body parts simultaneously with simple moves.
  • Starter Arms: It is always time to get to work on those arms. Swimsuit and tank top season are just around the corner and this video will help you get some sexy shoulders.
  • Tone Your Love Handles: A video dedicated to whittling your waist. While you really can't spot reduce you can spot tone. Full of twisting moves and ab variations, this video is four minutes of fun!
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