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Five-Minute Butt Workout

Bottoms Up: Five-Minute Booty Workout

Everyone is busy these days, but it's always possible to dedicate a little time toward a workout — even if it's only five minutes. If you have a few minutes to spare during your day, spend it tightening up your derriere! For a quick five-minute workout, move through each of these butt-toning exercises for one minute.

No. 1: Jump Squats

  • Begin in an athletic stance with feet shoulder-width apart and arms bent with hands at chest level. Bend knees and come into a full squat.
  • Jump up as explosively as you can, reaching for the ceiling.
  • When you land, lower back into the squat position to complete one rep.
  • Perform as many reps as you can in one minute.

No. 2: Side Kick

  • Begin with your hands and knees on the floor, with your hands underneath your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Keeping the knee bent 90 degrees, lift the left leg until it is parallel to the floor.
  • Keep the left thigh still as you straighten your left knee, kicking your leg out to the side. Don't let the leg lower as you kick.
  • Bend the left knee back to 90 degrees and then lower the leg. This completes one rep.
  • Perform as many reps as possible on the left side for 30 seconds before switching to your right side.

No. 3: All Fours

  • Begin with your hands and elbows on the floor. Your knees should be placed directly under your hips and your elbows below your shoulders; your legs should be touching. Round the back up toward the ceiling and pull abs away from the floor.
  • From there, lift the right leg from the ground, keeping it at a 90-degree angle, and point your toes up at the ceiling. Make tiny pulses upward.
  • Perform on the right side for 30 seconds, before switching to the left leg.

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No. 4: Bridge Pose

  • Begin by lying flat on your back with your arms along the sides of your body, with your palms facing down. Bend your knees, placing your heels as close as you can to your bum.
  • With your palms and feet pressing firmly into the ground, lift your hips up. Keep your palms on the mat or clasp your hands together below your pelvis, extending through your arms. Or you can also bend your elbows and rest your hands on your lower back. If your feet are close enough, you can also hold your ankles.
  • Stay here for five deep breaths, lifting your hips up as high as you can. Repeat until a minute is up!

No. 5: Pretzel

  • Start with the right leg in front and the left leg back. Place your right shin in line with the mat, and check that your knee is directly in front of your hip, resulting in a 90-degree angle. Your left knee should be behind the edge of the mat at a 45-degree angle.
  • Place your hands on the floor in front of you. One hand should lie flat in front of the right ankle, while the opposite hand frames the outside of the knee.
  • Shift your weight to the center and keep your shoulders and hips square. You want your chest to stay in the same line as your front thigh.
  • Once you feel stable, lift your left leg up as high as you can while keeping your core and glutes engaged. Pulse your left leg up as a whole, leading it with the knee for 30 seconds. Then lower the left leg back to the starting position.
  • Repeat on the other side for 30 seconds.

Source: Megan Wolfe Photography at J+K Fitness Studio, Pop Physique in San Francisco, and Jenny Sugar

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