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Five Mountain Bikes For Women Under $2,000

I'm looking to get a new mountain bike, so I've been doing a little research. I already have one I spent only a couple hundred bucks on, and after trying out the more expensive ones, I can really feel the difference. So I'm ready to splurge since a bike is something I'll have for a while. If you're in the market for a new mountain bike, here are five women-specific bikes on my list.

Trek 8000 WSD ($1,979.99): I just love the way this bike looks and feels. It has a sturdy aluminum frame, is lightweight enough to schlep around if I need to, and comes in four sizes to get the right fit.
Specialized Myka FSR ($1,450): Made with an alloy frame, this bike is women specific and uniquely designed to give a smooth ride. It's meant to handle rocky descents or cruise on even surfaces.

To see some more affordable bikes


Giant Arête ($1200): Also made with a durable aluminum frame, this bike is ergonomically designed so it's great when racing fast or casually rolling. I love the color — Metallic Eggplant.
Scott Contessa 20 ($1034.99): This bike has a thick alloy frame that's decorated with delicate artwork, and a comfy seat that matches. It offers great control on all surfaces and comes in five sizes so you can get the most ideal fit.
Cannondale F7 Féminine ($579): The frame is strong yet lightweight because it's made of aluminum, and the saddle is women specific so it's very comfy. This bike also comes in pink if you're into that.

Fit's Tip: While price and specifications are important, the most essential thing is to find a bike that fits your size and riding needs perfectly. When you ride it, the bike should feel like an extension of your body. So test drive a bunch — that's the fun part.

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