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Five Warning Signs Men Should Never Ignore

Signs in Men That Warrant a Doctor's Visit

Don't forget the mens' and fathers' health in our lives, especially on Father's Day. The thing is that women tend to go to the doctor at the first sign of something being wrong while men tend to tune out possible cues. There are some warning signs that men, and the people that love them, should never ignore. CNN has outlined five important signs to watch out for and here are highlights:

  1. Chest pain: You'd think this would be the last thing a man would ignore, but our men's health experts say it happens all the time. Dr. Harvey Simon, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, says, "I tell my medical students that the most common symptoms of a heart attack is chest pain, and the second most common one is denial." Bottom line: Anyone experiencing chest tightness, chest pain or shortness of breath needs medical attention.
  2. A big belly: "Belly fat is the worst fat you can have," says Dr. Harry Fisch, a professor of clinical urology at Columbia. "A big belly is a sign a man has low testosterone levels. And the lower the testosterone, the greater the risk of diabetes and coronary artery disease."

There are three more signs so


  1. An unenthusiastic penis: Impotence may be purely psychological, but it also could be a sign that a man has cardiovascular disease. "The penis is the dipstick of the body's health," Fisch says. If the arteries that supply blood to the penis aren't working right, those supplying blood to the heart and brain might not be working so well either. CNN's experts advise men with erectile dysfunction to use their doctors for more than just Viagra dispensers.
  2. More frequent urination: Urinating more frequently can be a sign of prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate gland. "I'll ask a patient if he's getting up at night to urinate, and he'll say, 'Oh, yeah, two or three times.' I ask him if that bothers him, and he'll say no. I tell him it should," Fisch says.
  3. Prescription drug addiction: Heidelbaugh says he's seen patients addicted to drugs such as Vicodin and Oxycontin without knowing it. "They never realized they need to get off of them," he says.


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