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Flexibility at Work Is Important for Maintaining Health

Flexibility Is Healthy in Many Ways

Flexibility in the workplace could be just as good for your health as flexibility in the body, new research has found. A flexible work life, including telecommuting and job shares, is good for your health as researchers found that if people have the ability to work from home and to compress work weeks, they are more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices, to exercise more and to sleep better.

It makes sense to me, but it's sad that most of us do not have this flexibility without quitting our jobs completely. So maybe, just maybe, you should print this out and leave it on your boss's desk and see what happens (wink, wink).

If you're interested in increasing the flexibility of your muscles while you are at work, then check out these desk stretches.


pebby01 pebby01 9 years
i can see how flexibility would be good, but aren't schedules also good for our health? as in, goign to bed & waking up at the same time, eating at the same time, etc. not to say that i don't like flexibility, just saying.
leahlarocco leahlarocco 9 years
Those desk exercises are great. I def. LOVE my job and the flexibility it offers!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I wish I was able to work from home. :(
mrsgrillo mrsgrillo 9 years
I work for a very flexible company and great bosses. I can say that it is a huge relief from my last place of employment, when i was stressed and hating work all the time!!!
FitnessGymGril FitnessGymGril 9 years
That doesn't surprise me at all. I wish I could have a more flexible work place. All work, however, needs to be done within the office and the schedules aren't very flexible. I think we need balance in all aspects of life, work-place included. Thanks for the post :)
nikolem2 nikolem2 9 years
The company I work for is ALL ABOUT flexible work schedules for moms especially--many work part-time, partly (or all) from home, etc. I'm pretty fortunate in that respect, that even though I don't have kids, I can work from home on days that I'm not feeling well for example, without taking a sick/vacation day. We're also very focused on health, exercising (we have a gym in our office) and healthy eating (our cafe only stocks healthy foods). It all goes hand in hand!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Mmm desk nice!
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