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Flip Flops: Cute, But Zero Support

When temperatures rise, folks start sporting their favorite flip-flops. Once relegated to being just beachwear or a shower shoe, flip-flops have become a fashion mainstay - a fact that might give Anna Wintour hives. Well, it is certainly a fact many podiatrists are distressed about as well.

From the podiatrist perspective, flip-flops were designed to provide protection to the bottom of your foot when strolling poolside or dashing across hot sand in the summertime. Plus they are great for preventing athlete’s foot, which likes to camp out in communal showers.

What flip-flops don't do is provide support for your feet. They offer no arch support and generally allow the wearer's feet to become as flat as they want. This can lead to a lot of foot pain. Plus, they also provide no heel cushioning or shock absorption. Since they provide zero arch support and foot stability, sprained ankles are actually a common injury that accompanies wearing flip-flops.

Now, I am not saying you need to toss your flip-flops. I am just saying you should wear them strategically. They are not suited for long walks, but they are fine for running a quick errand. And of course I think you should wear them when showering at the gym, strolling poolside or dashing across hot sand at the beach.


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