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Food Combining and When to Eat Fruit

Should Fruit Be Eaten Alone?

Can't get enough fruit? While perfect on its own, fresh fruit also takes great in cereal, salads, with cheese, topped with yogurt, or in smoothies. Recently a friend forwarded me an article claiming that to fully reap the nutritional benefits of fruit, it should be eaten separately, on an empty stomach. Have you heard this too?

A basic theory of trophology, a nutritional philosophy on food combining, is that fruits should be eaten as separate meals. It's said that fruit digests at a faster rate and requires different digestive enzymes than other foods such as proteins or carbs. When consumed with these foods the digestion of fruit is delayed, causing it to ferment in your gut. Strict supporters of the food combining theory attribute digestive issues like upset tummy, indigestion, gas, and constipation to mixing your fruit with other foods.

But don't give up your peanut butter and banana sandwiches just yet! You can feel good eating your fruit in whichever way you please since there's no scientific research to back up this fruit philosophy. If you're having issues with digesting fruit, you could try eating it separately to see if your body handles it better, but in my experiences, if I eat an apple on its own, my stomach wages a full-on rebellion.


Tell me, do you prefer eating fruit alone or with other foods?

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