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I enjoy energy bars as pre-workout snacks, but the concept behind FullBar is different. Though nutritionally similar to Luna Bars and other healthy treats, these protein-packed portions are marketed to help people lose weight. As explained on the wrapper, FullBar was founded by a surgeon who does gastric bypass procedures.

Recognizing that the main benefit of gastric bypass surgery is that it makes people feel full and (hopefully) eat less, Dr. Michael Snyder decided to design a bar that does the same thing. To find out how it works and tastes,


According to the instructions, FullBar is designed to be eaten 30 minutes before a meal along with an 8-ounce glass of water. The thinking is that going into mealtime, you will be less hungry and therefore eat less. It's a perfectly sound theory, and I'm all for the idea of finding nonsurgical ways to lose weight. But the fact is, you could get the same effect with any high-protein snack, and you could probably find something that tastes better too.

Everyone in the Sugar office commented on how big the FullBars are, but when you remove the wrapper, it's only slightly larger than a Luna Bar. It comes in four flavors; I tried the Caramel Apple Crisp variety, which has 160 calories per bar, plus 6 grams of protein and just 1 gram of fat. The S'mores Luna Bar I compared it to has 180 calories and 4.5 grams of fat but 4 more grams of protein than the FullBar. Perhaps for that reason, I found the FullBar didn't really satiate me as long as a Luna usually does.

The most disappointing aspect of FullBar was the very artificial, almost plasticky flavor and the odd spongelike texture. If the goal is to prevent people from eating too much real food, then giving them a bland-tasting supplement probably isn't doing much good. However, I can see how Dr. Snyder's concept could be effective for weight loss — as long as you used another type of protein bar or snack. What do you think?

Catherinette Catherinette 8 years
Couldn't you technically eat another type of energy bar before your meal and have the same results? I'm going to go with yes on that...
Aunt-Patti Aunt-Patti 8 years
I have had GBS and my stoma has enlarged thus alowing me to eat more and have gained back 30 lbs. Is it safe for me to use the FullBars because the insurance company will not allow me to have a stomaphyx?
FullBar-Living FullBar-Living 8 years
Thanks to all for your comments. Check out the link below for an introduction to our new product -- Aquafull:
MrQ MrQ 8 years
There are alot of posts about Fullbar but one entire site I found has some videos on it by just plain people.
Choochoo123 Choochoo123 9 years
Well, I bought the Fullbar also and I find them to be very helpful. I eat one with a full glass of water a half hour before I eat and they do fill me up much more than an apple and water does. Also, if I would eat another type of protein I would probably over eat that very thing. I'm not crazy about the taste...but,,,it's not horrible either. My only complain is the EXPENSE. I am afraid I am not going to be able to stretch my budget much longer to be able to include them in my weight loss plan. And YES...these bars ARE for the general public and not for people who have chosen to have by-pass surgery. Just stating the facts ma'am.
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 9 years
lmao, great.. now she's going to leave YOU wacked out guestbook comments, livingnj. I mean seriously.. I had to reread all of that like 3 times to find out where the hell something went wrong. She called me a BleachMoron in my guestbook rofl. I feel bad for her, but what the hell.
Michael-Snyder Michael-Snyder 9 years
Hello. Thanks for letting me participate in this discussion on Fullbar. I am Michael A. Snyder, MD, FACS-- the creator of the Fullbar. I am thrilled that you are discussing the Fullbar and would like to clarify a number of issues that you are discussing. As always, I realize that this is a dialogue and that you may want to get further clarity from me. I would be pleased to help in any way. And, as important, I love any feedback and welcome your input or that of your readers. (1) You are correct in stating that I am a bariatric (obesity) surgeon-- I have done over 2000 cases and have two, nationally-recognized, Centers of Excellence. I personally developed the Fullbar over a 4 and one-half year peiod. I created the bars to utilize the "fullness" effects that one experiences with bariatric surgery. These are simple anatomic and physiologic principles that are true for all-- when you fill your upper stomach, you "feel full." This sense of fullness allows you to have control over your impulses and diet. When we do this with the Fullbar, people eat less. Weight loss has been shown to follow-- see point #3, below. (2) Different from other bars that you mention-- our bar is all-natural.It is made from "real food" ingredients... not full of chemicals and preservatives. Heck, it is even Kosher. (3) We have PROVEN the efficacy of Fullbars in a weight-loss trial. In our 12 week trial, enrollees lost an average of 42% of their excess body weight-- an average of 11.5 lbs. So, Fullbars work as an effective hunger-management tool! (4) Our tastes were derived after 43 (!!) different versions were developed. The final tastes of our 4 flavors of Fullbar were selected by a consumer tasting group. Even more interesting, in our internet sales all four flavors sell (and re-sell) at an almost equivalent level. Therefore, all are quite popular. (Note, we are coming out with our next 2 flavors asap!) Also, a huge, national, retailer that carries our bars has asked us to expand our offerings on their shelves because of the popularity of the varieties they carry. (I am sorry you did not "love" them, but that is not the concensus on a national level!) (5) The taste is decidely more subtle than the "candybar" type bars we are used to. We want you to eat them twice daily, before your two biggest meals of the day. So, if the taste were over-sweet and/or the "usual" candy flavorings we see out there, then you would get tired of them AND not have a taste for your real meals after eating them. That is how they work and how they were formulated. Does that make more sense now? Once again, thanks for checking out the Fullbar and for considering the above points of clarification. Let me know what you think and if you need anythign from me. I am happy to help. Live full. Be full. Michaal A. Snyder, MD, FACS
kurnu kurnu 9 years
I tried the bars in the peanut butter flavor. It's like a rice cake. No real flavor plus rice cakes are cheaper.
cam0703 cam0703 9 years
Hey, I have been using them for a couple months now; they do what they say they do; they give me control over my hunger and I make better food choices because of it. I like that they are not like a candy bar as I have to eat a meal after eating them. I am happy to hear that the apple diet is working for you; that is great, but unfortunately doesn't for me or anyone I know. I have actually lost weight with fullbar and don't feel hungry.
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 9 years
Geez, Louise: Tell this to the people promoting and viewing this product's commercial. And it's ask AN educated blah blah blah.. I'm all about typos and I'm not the smartest chick on the block, but g.damn.. it's not "a educated" blah blah blah and a rant that goes on until tomorrow while you Hold Your Tongue again. She wasn't being Snide at all. You may have had gastric bypass surgery, but reread what she wrote and do your research about what you're putting down your mouth-hole.
wackdoodle wackdoodle 9 years
Personally, I find that LUNA bars and most of the "energy bars" you recommend are useless and harmful to me and my GBS friends. 4.5 grams of protein cannot and for us does not out way the large amount of carbohydrates and sugar that LUNA bars have. LUNA bars do not purport to be a PROTEIN bar but an ENERGY bar. GBSers need protein constantly for sustained energy and energy derived from sugar and other carbohydrates ingested first or hey immediately before a workout would cause a vast majority of us to spend our workout in the bathroom vomiting and with the runs. To me a LUNA bar is nothing more the a candy bar repackaged for "healthy" people. I'd love to be able to eat an apple or banana before working out (like the good old days) but the end result would be a sudden crash of energy and as I said vomiting and diarrhea. Yeah that's a workout for some but I prefer things that can be done outside the bathroom. Also, GBSers do not eat and drink at or near the same time. To avoid triggering "dumping syndrome" we have to have no less than a 30 minute gap between both processes. And that is for life. No drinking fluids with meals or snacks ever again. So for someone who hasn't had GBS, yeah this would work if you ate the entire bar and immediately drank 8 oz of water cause it would swell in your gut.
wackdoodle wackdoodle 9 years
Here's the deal I'm going to HOLD MY TONGUE Fit as much as I can except to say this... before you post misinform or glance at info online and think you know about gastric bypass surgery that you ACTUALLY learn from a bariatric surgeon or hey ask a educated bariatric patient like myself what the heck the surgery IS and what it's suppose to accomplish. In other words I'm asking that you think fully and learn completely before you make snide posts purporting to educate your readers. These bars are for gastric bypass patients like myself NOT for the general public. Yes this bar maybe found in stores BUT that doesn't mean it is intended for everyone to eat. The bar is not intended to make you or help you lose weight but for GBS patients it is to suppose to help stop US from burning through and destroying even more muscle particular heart muscle while we exercise. Our dietary requires post-op are extremely different from a non-gastric bypass persons as our bodies are burning off fat and muscle at an extremely and artificially induced rate. If we do not focus and shift OUR eating to be almost 65% protein per day we will suffer immediately from malnutrition and the dire issues bought on by malnutrition and die as a result. In other words, we morbidly obese people who have chosen to have gastric bypass surgery in order to achieve and maintain sustained weight loss are making a "deal with the devil" so to speak. We are excepting that the nature of RNY is to cause malnutrition and restrict our ability to eat normal adult portions or even child size portions of food necessarily for normal survival. And because doctors and health insurance companies are seeing the wide ranging benefits of the surgery over simply and naively saying "eat less, exercise more" to morbidly obese people these products are making their way -thankfully- into health food stores and grocery stores so that GBSers don't have to get all their foods special order over the internet or through their bariatric surgeon or registered dietitian. Yeah it makes no sense but neither does reviewing and snarking at a product not intended for your consumption. What's next are you going to review Glucoburst? You know Glocoburst is readily available at most stores and it gives anyone who consumes it an instant energy boost. But the products aren't intended for just anyone to consume, they're for hypoglycemics and diabetics to instantly raise their blood sugar levels when they drop and prevent them from going into a coma and eventually renal failure and dying. But hey Glucoburst tabs might be just the quick fix for some readers since your recommending products not intended for general consumption to to general public.
michlny michlny 9 years
It's just another Dr. trying to get rich... You're better off eating an apple for less calories, better nutrition (less chemicals and sugar), and better taste. It's really not complicated - eat whole, real foods (a diet rich in healthy fats, fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds) and you'll feel full, have no cravings, feel more energetic and look great!
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 9 years
I thought about that, wrote it down to check it out.. But say 2-3 a day about 30carbs per bar.. plus 10g sugar... It adds up, so neh. I'd rather take a Zetacap pill + a glass of water (calorie, carb, fat, sugar - Free.. plus fiber. ..of course though, I never remember to take the pill.)
kitrina44 kitrina44 9 years
I often end up eating bars as part of or in place of meals, but I feel like ideally I'd eat a more natural high-protein snack rather than a tasteless bar - like a string cheese? It's hard to break out of the bar habit, but I feel like it would be healthier (and probably cheaper) if I could just get myself to prepare ahead and pack a better snack!
Cebca Cebca 9 years
does it come in other flavors? where can you buy it? I would give it a try . . . not before my meal just as a normal protein/energy bar, a way to mix up my obsession with Lunas . . ..
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