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Food Review: South of the Border Pistachios

We all crave junk food every once in a while, but there are healthy substitutions out there. If you crave Spicy Nacho Doritios you should give the South of the Border Pistachios by Everybody's Nuts a try.

The flavor of these pistachios is as satisfying as the Doritos, but the nuts are so much healthier than corn chips, and nuts don't leave a neon coating on your fingers either. Speaking of hands, here is another reason to choose the nuts over chips: it takes two hands to eat pistachios, and only one hand to reach into a Doritos bag. This means you will eat the nuts more slowly, and not while driving, a bad snacking habit many of us are guilty of.

To see how these two nacho-flavored treats compare,


South of the Border pistachios
1/2 cup (no shells)
Nacho Cheese Doritios
1 ounce
Calories 170 140
Total Fat (g) 13 7
Saturated Fat (g) 1.5 1
Carbs (g) 9 18
Fiber (g) 3 under 1
Protein (g) 6 2
Iron 8 percent 2 percent
Vitamin B6 20 percent 4 percent

Yes, pistachios are higher in calories and fat, but the health benefits of the this nut are substantial. They help lower cholesterol as well as protect against breast and prostate cancers. Plus, they are high in protein, which means you will stay fuller longer.


The list of ingredients for the pistachios is considerably shorter than the list on the Doritos bag, but I thought you might be interested.

Ingredients: Dry roasted pistachios, salt, corn syrup solids, spice (includes chili paper), maltodextrin, citric acid, lime juice solids, garlic powder, dextrose, natural flavor, paprika extract.

You can find Everybody's Nuts at Costco, Kroger, Wegmans, and Kmart. Or you can buy them buy the case at the Everybody's Nuts website.

Join The Conversation
LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 8 years
Just give me the plain ones, please. Oh! and a man who will shell them for me. :rotfl:
fuzzles fuzzles 8 years
Must find and try!
daisydarling daisydarling 8 years
Corn syrup solid?Maltodextrin?Dextrose? No, thanks.
Fitness Fitness 8 years
You make a good point jen!
jen1975 jen1975 8 years
Higher in calories and fat, yes, but come on, who can stop at one ounce of Doritos? :)
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