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Food Review: Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal

After packing lunch boxes for the girls this morning, I realized there was no time for me to eat breakfast at my kitchen table. I decided today was the morning to try an item from the Starbucks revamped breakfast menu. The morning was chilly, and being a big fan of hot cereals I decided to give the Perfect Oatmeal ($2.45) a try.

To see if I thought this oatmeal lived up to its name as well as nutritional information, just


The server at Starbucks handed me my vented to-go bowl of oatmeal and told me to wait three minutes for it to "cook" and add milk if I needed. When I got to the office and opened my bowl, it became clear that more liquid was needed. However, I chose a little hot water from the water cooler over milk. The oatmeal comes with three mix-ins, conveniently labeled with their caloric content. There is a generous portion of brown sugar — 50 calories, a package of mixed nuts (walnuts, almonds and pecans) — 100 calories, and dried fruit (cranberries and raisins) — 100 calories. The unadulterated oatmeal is 140 calories, and goes up to 390 with all the mix-ins. Of course, the oatmeal is tastier with all the mix-ins; I particularly enjoyed the nuts.

Taste wise, this oatmeal is good, but not perfect. It was a little too thick, but the consistency was easily remedied at the office. If I were on the road or at an airport, it would have been a different story. I do like that the oatmeal is made from whole grains and it definitely kept me full until lunch. There was zero guilt factor or regret in this breakfast, unlike a pastry or apple fritter. I will definitely eat it again.

Have you tried the Perfect Oatmeal from Starbucks? Tell me what you thought about it in the comments section below.

Xielolixii Xielolixii 5 years
I wonder if the oatmeal is steelcut.
sdarshad sdarshad 6 years
I love the oatmeal! It's the perfect breakfast for me! I am usually NOT a breakfast person, but recently decided to start eating breakfast after reading that those that eat breakfast maintain their weight much better. :-)
adumbfakename adumbfakename 7 years
To me, oatmeal in general just doesn't have enough protein to be a good breakfast option compared to eggs, or greek yogurt or cottage cheese w/ berries. This product does have some advantages however: When you're in a total rush, you can still have breakfast. This takes the same amount of time to order in Starbucks as it takes to pour a cup of coffee. It is very low sodium, has no weird additives (unlike oatmeal packs), and includes small amounts (<10% RDA) amounts of iron, vitamin a, calcium, fiber and protein. I am a longtime oatmeal hater but I like this and have ordered it several times, eaten the whole thing, and never been hungry between breakfast and lunch. If you like sweet things for breakfast you will find this satisfying. To the person who complained about sodium: you are dead wrong. This meal has 110 mg of sodium with all toppings added. To the people who remind us to plan ahead and keep tubs or packs of oatmeal at their desk and save $10/week: Enjoy your $5200/year savings, you've earned it. And you're better than me, whatever. Yes, theoretically everyone can go and buy boxes of oatmeal and mixed nuts and dried fruit to recreate this for less money per serving. But let's get real: Starbucks portion controls my serving. If you're the kind of person who starts to rationalize 2 oatmeal packs instead of one, doubles up on toppings, adds 1/2 and 1/2 and a mini hershy bar from the lady who keeps the candy bowl on her desk, then gets some stressful news during the day and accidentally powers through $10 (at least!) worth of nuts and dried fruits in about 48 hours through uncontrolled snacking from your desk, you are not saving any money or eating healthy, which you are (sort of/ relatively speaking) if you shell out for Starbucks oatmeal. I was a bit surprised that a couple tablespoons of nuts and dried fruit are 200 colories, but they taste much nicer than that comes w/ instant oatmeal packs.
pixiedusk pixiedusk 7 years
haha.. i have GD so oatmeal is my staple food! but i dont do mix ins *sigh* oatmeal is the new black!
ShiningIsta ShiningIsta 7 years
I am one that likes my oatmeal thick so it fills me up for as long as possible and this is actually my very favorite. The Barista told me that they are told to make sure they don't go overboard on the liquid they add to it, because the buyer can always add more or request that they add more water or milk to thin-out the oatmeal, but if the Barista adds too much and makes it too thin and the buyer complains, then they have to redo. She also said that people should feel free to tell them if they like it thinner. Yes I do have a stockpile of my local brand 'Private Selection Organic Brown Sugar and Maple oatmeal (160 cals)' that I eat at home, but when I am late and riding with my carpool folk who often stop to treat themselves with Starbucks, I chose this and an unsweetened iced tea to feel a little more healthy than the other menu choices that really can kill your diet with calories.
msdecember msdecember 7 years
ok, i'm also a BIG fan of hot cereal, especially oatmeal and i found this to be very, very tasty. yes, it was a bit thick but i like it like that as i like to add milk to mine. the nuts and fruit are ultimately what made this. i don't see myself paying $3 for this unless i really need to... as i buy the original instant oatmeal packets (no sugar added) and just add whatever toppings i choose for MUCH less.
harveyparadox harveyparadox 8 years
i prefer my oats with a bit of texture...chewy not mushy, and definitely no slime! i've got a simple recipe over here: it's all about the water oat ratio...
stardelice stardelice 9 years
It looks good but I could probably make the same thing myself. I like a lot of the stuff Starbucks sells, but $3.00 for a cup of oatmeal seems like highway robbery to me.
luiyuming luiyuming 9 years
Love your review. the mix-ins do look delicious but I will probably leave out the brown sugar and go for the natural taste of nuts and cinnamon.
homekeeper homekeeper 9 years
I got a coupon in the mail for one of these for free, I will have to give it a try! Thanks for the review! :)
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