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Food Review: Zevia Soda

The FDA might consider stevia an "unapproved food additive," but you can find it sweetening the zero calorie diet soda Zevia ($5.99 for a six pack).

Zevia's tag line is "Nature's answer to diet soda." Wait, I thought water was nature's answer to soda? Anyway, I must admit up front that I am not really a big fan of diet soda, but I like the idea of this underdog of a sweetener making its way into the big time with its own line of diet soda. Zevia comes in four flavors: Orange, Cola, Lemon Lime and Ginger Root Beer. Since I don't really drink diet soda, I shared my samples with friends and family who do. They all gave the soda mixed reviews – some thumbs up and some thumbs down – but the case was gone in two days. This is a sure sign that people were drinking it and going back for seconds.

To see what I thought of Zevia, just


To me, the sodas taste like all diet sodas with weird sweetness and an aftertaste that somehow tastes artificial even though stevia is "natural." My favorite flavor by far is the Ginger Root Beer. It is a pleasant mix of flavors and tastes of Ginger Ale and Root Beer; my husband thought it was better than any other diet root beer. The drinks are carbonated, but not too bubbly, and they are calorie free.

If you are interested in expanding your diet soda options you should definitely try some. You can order Zevia online directly here or find a store near you with this store locator.

If you have tried Zevia, let me know if you liked it in the comments section below.

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