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Foods to Stop Avoiding: Eggs

Just like anything else, foods can get a bad reputation. The thing about reputations is that they can be repaired and scientists are working round the clock to make sure we're not skipping out on foods just because we've heard, through the grapevine, that they're bad. Mushrooms, avocados, peanuts, eggs, and coffee top the list of the top foods with the worst reputations that you should stop avoiding.

Here are highlights on why you should stop avoiding eggs:

  • Eggs
    Misconception: Eggs are high in dietary cholesterol, so they don't have a place in my heart-healthy diet.

    Why they're good for you: Eggs contain a variety of substances that appear to promote good health. Choline, a nutrient that is critical to brain function, is one example. Eggs, it seems, are one of the richest food sources of choline. Scientists at the University of North Carolina found adding choline to the diets of pregnant animals improves memory performance in their offspring. It may seem like a leap to apply this finding to people, but researchers are already encouraging pregnant women to eat eggs and other choline-rich foods (such as beef liver) during pregnancy.


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