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Foods Swaps That Will Stop Bloating

The Clever Food Swaps That Will Make Painful Bloating a Thing of the Past

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If you're familiar with bloating, you're probably a pro at avoiding the foods that make your stomach swell. But before you start cutting everything out of your diet and become a breatharian, there's still a way to enjoy the foods you love without overly complicating your life, and it's simple: make smarter swaps.

With the help of dietitian Simone Austin, we've rounded up the best-for-your-belly swaps that will stop bloating in its tracks and still keep meal time exciting. Sure, some are no-brainers (hello, water trumps soft drink any day), but there are a few on the list you may not have considered but really should . . .

  • Swap onions for spring onions (the green end in particular)
  • Swap garlic for olive oil infused with garlic
  • Swap cabbage for bok choy
  • Swap pasta for zucchini noodles
  • Swap cow-based cheeses for goat's cheese
  • Swap dairy-based yogurt for coconut yogurt
  • Swap cow's milk for nut milk
  • Swap white bread for spelt bread
  • Swap gluten-based grains for quinoa
  • Swap apples for bananas
  • Swap broccoli and cauliflower for cucumber and spinach
  • Swap sparkling water for water

But that's not all . . .

Looking for flavor? Use salt flakes, pepper, and lemon or lime juice instead of garlic and onion.

If fruit is a tricky space to navigate for your tummy, it's best to stay away from stone fruits and stick to berries, kiwi fruit, and citrus.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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