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sydneyrh sydneyrh 2 years

you should only avoid gluten if you're allergic or have Celiac! there is no medical or scientific evidence that this helps with weight loss or makes you healthier. in fact, cutting out too much carbohydrates can make your body ketotic which is not healthy and will make you hold in water and excess nutrients (not in a good way). also, bananas are POWERhouses of nutrition. don't cut them out!

karenfarber2710 karenfarber2710 2 years

I like the idea of the 80/20 rule, it seems much more attainable!

Darcie15119404 Darcie15119404 3 years

Dextrose is just another name for glucose. There's nothing "special" about it. And the skin and seeds have fiber. It's ridiculous to tell people they shouldn't eat grapes.

sukibear sukibear 3 years

And..GRAPES and BANANAS = BAD??? Seriously??? Just hand in your credentials right here. You are ridiculous!! Those two fruits are some of the most nutritious of all of the Earth's produce ~ but you have black-listed them?? What's next? Spinach and Kale?? Wine too?? How 'bout olive oil? Got a problem with that too?? Go home, you're drunk.

sukibear sukibear 3 years

Artificial sweeteners are even worse than the processed sugars. So bad, I wish there was a public health announcement to inform the public. If one would simply 'Google' the topic.

sukibear sukibear 3 years

Gluten is only a problem for people with Celiac Disease! Why are people confused by this??? It's as beneficial for anyone to avoid shellfish as gluten without an alergy to either. It's NOT A WEIGHT LOSS DIET!!! It is an allergy for a select few. This allergy creates digestive pain and an inability to absorb nutrients in the digestive tract due to a reaction to the gluten. It can even permanently damage the celia in the intestines preventing absorption of vital nutrients. It can cause a great many other diseases and disorders in the body because of serious malnutrition. This is a serious disorder. Regardless of the misinformation and hysterical HEALTH NUT reaction to this specific disorder, I think it's mighty fine that it has created an abundance of products that make it so much easier for those who actually DO suffer, a greater variety of stuff to fill their guts with ~ sans pain.

FionaSanders FionaSanders 3 years

A LOT of this is common sense. However, I find it ironic that bananas are listed as a "Nothing there" food by one 'trainer',( who incidentally has been slammed by several top Health Experts ( i.e. scientists) for having "inaccurate" etc. info . for losing weight) yet you have bananas listed on the same page in 'article' about increasing potassium. Also, gluten isn't "bad", unless you have celiac disease, and eating whole grain products with it in isn't going to give you "bloating, indigestion, etc." unless you over do it. It's one way a lot of kid's get more grains into them , for wexample.

shartran shartran 3 years
I'm surprised with the voting on 'yogurt' - most votes disagreed with Jackie Warner. She DID say that plain, greek yogurt is a MUST but not the ones with all the sugar infused into them. Did people not read the entire entry??
annie21193 annie21193 3 years
Wow! These are all really good things to keep in mind. Some that I would have never thought of. I'm always looking for updated lists of foods to stay away from. I've found some more really good tips about healthy eating and exercise habits on I will attach the link below for anyone else also on a weight loss journey. Thanks again for the great article!
queenofheartz44 queenofheartz44 3 years
So I agree with most of this, however, "gluten allergies" are actually overly diagnosed, nearly everyone now has a "gluten allergy" when really only 1 in 133 Americans have it so yeah...The other things i disagree on are eliminating bananas because they are not filling. I've had no problem with being hungry within a couple hours of eating bananas, and by eating yogurt I'm able to satisfy my crazy night time sweet tooth without doing much damage. I get rid of the yogurt then I am more likely to eat the cupcakes and like that other people in the house bring in.
ashleyolaka ashleyolaka 3 years
@booglass you can have coconut butter spread instead of margarine!
Kaylee15440162 Kaylee15440162 3 years
what's left-i'm friggin hungry?
Robyn15432595 Robyn15432595 3 years
I put fat-free plain yogurt in my smoothies every morning. Not only are they healthy and delicious, they help maintain the bacteria in my body (something I 100% need) I've lost 41 lbs, so yogurt is definitely okay!
Dani15427759 Dani15427759 3 years
I am sorry but most of these tips are incorrect! I am getting my degree in Clinical Nutrition and the studies on diet coke and the correlation of it containing aspartame is not proven by any means to cause negative health effects, one would have to drink gallons upon gallons a day just to reach upper tolerable levels. And Gluten!! is not bad for anyone unless their gluten intolerant or have celiac disease, then this would cause negative health effects. The reason people feel bloated after eating bread products is because they eat to damn much of it!! It all comes down to eating foods in moderation just like everything else in life. Hope this helped.
booglass booglass 5 years
I am late to the party on this one but wanted to make a comment.  As a person who is lactose intolerant margarine is my only option for a butter substitute.   Am I worried about trans fats, etc?  Not really.  I work out, eat in moderation and am a vegetarian who does not consume dairy products. 
taylor55 taylor55 5 years
Okay, so mental note: Stay far away from Harley Pasternak. I refuse to listen to anyone who tells me not to eat certain fruits. This is what contributes to disordered eating for a lot of people! Shaming them for eating healthy food that has antioxidants and vitamins in it. 
Pazuzu Pazuzu 5 years
actually there are a lot of naturally occuring ingredients that are hard to pronounce. just because a word looks weird doesnt mean its a chemical or man made. and the only people that should avoid gluten are those with celiacs desease.i say live by the rule of moderation and exercise daily.
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 5 years
I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE TIPS!!!!! They're DEAD ON! --- some of you are featured in my web series! Launching Feb 21!
our-nutritionblog our-nutritionblog 5 years
Grapes are probably best known for being loaded with potassium, a mineral that strengthens the alkaline reserves in the body while helping to stimulate kidney function and regulate the heartbeat. But grapes are also a great source of iron which builds hemoglobin in the blood. Grapes stimulate digestive juices, promote action in the bowels, cleanse the liver, and eliminate uric acid from the body. They also soothe the nervous system -- few other fruits can do this.
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