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Fountain of Youth, Right There in Your Gym

I don't know about you, but I am dying for them to find a fountain of youth. Turns out that there is something you can do in the gym to help ward off aging: Weight lifting.

Weight lifting is not only great for keeping you looking good, but it is also great for keeping you youthful too! A new study on has found that women who strength-train 3 times a week have more of a type of growth hormone that counteracts age-related muscle loss and protects bone density. Producing growth hormone gets harder with age, and pumping iron is the best way to slow the decline.

So get to it and pump some iron -- You can thank me down the road. Here's a great starter arms workout video so you can begin today!!!


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Fitness Fitness 9 years
vsakakeeny - Power Yoga, like Ashtanga is definitely considered strength-training - you are lifting your own body weight!
vsakakeeny vsakakeeny 9 years
Anyone know if this is true for yoga too? I do power yoga and it builds muscle as much as when I lifted weights. I think adding weights to my workout routine would overstress my muscles with the yoga...
woodycakes woodycakes 9 years
wow. her arms are just tough.
SU3 SU3 9 years
Very interesting! :jawdrop: Looks at the girl's arms! Wow! :strong:
Fitness Fitness 9 years
Hey Rallie! I fixed the link to the starter arms video. Thanks for the heads up!
Rallie Rallie 9 years
Is the "starter arms workout" link working for others? I cant seem to make it work for me! And I am dying to see it!!! Any suggestions?
Chaoticfury Chaoticfury 9 years
I just started that 'starter arms' workout this morning, I'm not kidding! I've doing a lot of lower body weight lifting for a couple of months now, and it really helped slim my thighs. But this is an extra perk!
Bee87 Bee87 9 years
I take bodypump classes three times a week so this is really good news!
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