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When starting a new form of exercise it is always great to have a plan. It is more than beneficial to have a little guidance to give your workouts structure.

Swimming, like running, takes some time to build up the endurance needed for lengthy workouts. With running, the first benchmark is a 5k, and with swimming it is a mile - which is 1650 yards, not 1760 yards.

I found this wonderful program created by Ruth Kazez. Her 0 - 1650: A mile in 6 Weeks plan is totally doable, all it needs is you.

Here's an example of the workout for the first week.

WEEK one (Three Days):
100 for 12 breaths...repeat 3 times.
50 for 8 breaths...repeat 3 times.
25 for 4 breaths...repeat 3 times.
Total: 700 yards

Doable, right?

Her site is also filled with great swimming tips and workouts. Check it out and start swimming!!!

See you at the pool.


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