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Full-Body Double Kettlebell Workout

This Is My Favorite Full-Body Workout to Do When I'm Short on Time

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Short on time? Need a full-body workout? Step away from the elliptical and give this double kettlebell complex a try! Those cardio machines are a waste of time, especially when you compare them to a workout like this that offers everything from strength to conditioning to coordination. Use 2 medium to heavy kettlebells • 2 push-ups — 2 gorilla rows — 2 dead cleans — 2 thrusters (squat and press). 4 reps, 4-5 rounds in total • Every day I fall more in love with the kettlebell. The possibilities are endless. Not only can you use KBs for classic strength work, but you can also string together a wide variety of movements to create a comprehensive workout that hits multiple muscle groups at once. If you're brand new to KBs, grab 2 8kg bells and try this workout. It burns so good 😆😆😆 • Decked out in @gymsharkwomen #gymsharkwomen • Who wants to try? Tag me #getstrongwithgina #strongvegan #poweredbyplants #kettlebells #fullbodyworkout

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When you're as busy as I am, you have no option but to be smart about how you train. Rather than spending a whole hour in the gym when I'm short on time, I've learned how to create brief yet highly effective full-body workouts so I know I'm getting everything I need.

I'm a kettlebell specialist and mainly use kettlebells to train my clients, so that's the first tool I reach for when I want to fit in an effective full-body workout. This particular session is one of my favorites. It requires two medium kettlebells.

These are the movements: 2 push-ups, 2 gorilla rows, 2 dead cleans, 2 thrusters (squat and press). Moving through all those equals one rep. Do 4 reps, and 4-5 rounds in total. Keep in mind that some of these movements, like the cleans, are a little more advanced, so if you don't feel comfortable with kettlebells quite yet, you may want to opt in for a different workout.

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