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Full-Body Tabata Workout

Get In, Get Out: Quick Calorie-Torching Tabata

This Tabata workout is a fitness cram session! In 30 minutes, you work your entire body and then some. To make the workout even more efficient, we borrow a trick from Chicago-based trainer Lauren Fairbanks and turn the rest period into isometric exercises, which she lovingly calls "frest" for fake rest. Holding these positions works the muscles in a complementary way after the intensity of interval work.

Instructions: For Tabata, perform each exercise at maximum intensity for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat for a total of eight rounds, which comes to four minutes. Then move to the next Tabata.

Each round consists of two full Tabatas followed by an isometric break of two exercises, which you hold for 60 seconds each.

Round One: Warmup

Tabata One — jumping jacks/cross jacks: Begin with classic jumping jacks for first interval, switch to cross jacks (pictured above) for the second interval, and continue in this pattern for remaining intervals doing four sets of each type of jumping jack.
Tabata Two — alternating reverse lunges/alternating side lunges: Start with reverse lunges for the first interval, switching legs with each rep. For the second interval, do side lunges, once again switching legs with each rep. Continue alternating between reverse and side lunges for each interval, doing four sets of each type of lunge.

Isometric Break
Wall sit
Elbow plank

Round Two: Full-Body

Tabata Threesingle-leg deadlifts with overhead press: Use a five- to 10-pound weight; alternate sides with each interval. If you're standing on your right leg, then hold the weight in your left hand, moving weight to opposite hand when you switch legs.
Tabata Fourwood chops: Use a five- to 10-pound weight, and alternate sides with each interval.

Isometric Break
Elbow side plank right
Elbow side plank left

Round Three: Core

Tabata SixT push-ups: After each push-up, rotate into a side plank. Hold either plank or side plank for the 10-second rest period.
Tabata Fivefull sit-ups with diamond legs: With the soles of the feet together and knees opened wide, perform this sit-up variation with arms straight arms, but do not rely on momentum! Keep the movement controlled.

Isometric Break
Static V-sit: Hold Boat pose with either bend legs or straight
Advanced bridge: Also known as tabletop position, advanced bridge should give you a nice upper-body stretch while you work your glutes and legs.

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