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Full Body Workouts Speed Metabolism

Split From Splits

If you're doing splits, you might want to rethink your workout plan.

In case you're not sure about what a "split" or "body part split" is in gym jargon, a split is when you split the body parts you're working on for each workout — this typically means Monday is legs, Tuesday is back, Wednesday is bi's and tri's, Thursday is abs, etc. Personally, I have never been a fan of splitting and have always done full body days (aka compound workouts) in order to get in my workouts in less time — mothers love to save time, you know? Turns out, I am doing more than just saving time as full body workouts also rev up your metabolism.

To learn why just

In a recent study the participants who did the full-body workouts involving just three big-muscle exercises had elevated metabolisms for a whooping 39 hours afterward. This is essentially because by training your whole body each session, you'll work the most muscles possible and the more muscles activated, the more your metabolism gets elevated.

So if you're looking to speed up that slow as molasses metabolism then try to work in full-body resistance workouts (lunges, squats, planks, pikes on the ball, etc.) three days a week, but be sure to rest a day between sessions to give your bod time to recover.


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