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Mamas may sugarcoat the truth, and our friends may have a way of skirting the obvious, but scales . . . they don't lie. And even though I'm much more about feeling good and being fit than I am about meeting a weighty number, I do find that knowing my weight sometimes helps me stay on track — especially during the holidays!

I've got a printout of this pic on my fridge so the next time I want to reach for a chocolate pudding, I'll consider grabbing a yogurt instead. What keeps you on track?

Need more motivation? Check out all of my words that move you.

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Soniabonya Soniabonya 6 years
And I just ate some Twix. Damn it! Actually, I'm trying to stay away from the scale. I used to weigh myself at least 3x a day everyday. Now I'm trying to limit myself to once or twice a week and mostly go by the fit of my pants, which are very unhappy with me at the moment :(
ameeliuh ameeliuh 6 years
I have a magnet at eye-level on my fridge door that says "Step Away From the Fridge, Lard-Ass!!" :)
100lbsandcountin 100lbsandcountin 6 years
I have my before pictures posted on the cabinets and the fridge to remind myself to make the right choices/be healthy. I also blog to share my story with others and hold myself accountable.
Shortiegurl03 Shortiegurl03 6 years
There's a piperlime add that says "say no to sweatpants" that inspires me
brittanysherell brittanysherell 6 years
For me, it's all about the visuals. I carry around a picture of the cutest, most unforgiving bikini with me. Seeing that instantly turns off the craving for anything unhealthy and keeps me moving. I wanna wear that bikini with confidence!
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