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Gabrielle Reece on Fitting Fitness Into a Busy Life

Gabrielle Reece is a fitness idol of mine, and I was lucky enough to speak to her about fitness and motherhood recently. I thought she was cool before, but now I wish she could be my new BFF.

Needless to say, Gabby is a busy lady, and many of you were curious about how she fits fitness into her daily routine. Simply put, she's aggressive about it. Comparing her commitment to working out to her obligations as a mother, she says that you wouldn't skip out on picking your kids up from school, so you shouldn't skip taking care of yourself. One way to ensure she doesn't blow off her workout is by running a circuit-training group of 10 women on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Since she's responsible for the class, she's there. Gabby saves the other two weekdays for cardio — biking or swimming. She explained her reasoning:

"It comes down to this . . . I am going to be a better wife, a better professional, a better mom, and definitely a nicer human being if I train. So I schedule it. And I think it's critical to schedule with other people because then you're accountable. You just can't blow it off."

To see how becoming a mom has changed her workouts,

A mother of two young girls, Gabby knows that once you become a mom, you have a lot less time, and time constraints force you to be a lot more flexible. She explained that she has become more focused, too, when she has a scheduled workout.


"I have become a lot more serious about that time. If I have allotted an hour, I don't mess around with that time. I don't chitchat. This hour is golden and I am here to bust it. There have been days where I only have 20 . . . Instead of freaking out I say, 'Today is 20 minutes and 20 minutes is better than nothing.' With being a mom, you have a mix. I have become softer and harsher about it all."

As a working mother with two girls of my own, I fully relate. That 6 a.m. workout is the time I have to work out, so I make it work. Says Gabby: "When I am training, it's an opportunity to just be me, not do the mom thing. It's a chance to plug into my inner athlete."

Here's to a victorious inner athlete! Stay tuned for more on Gabby's food, abs, and working out with Laird, her surfer-pro husband.

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DStirk DStirk 7 years
Now I'm inspired to take off my mommy hat and put on my fitness hat — if only just for 20 minutes!
Jules1976 Jules1976 7 years
I used to love watching her play. I always admired her because she's stunning and also totally kicked butt. Great role model!
Fawness Fawness 7 years
Thanks Fit! This is awesome.
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