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Galaxy Toast Recipe

This Galaxy Toast Is Seriously Out of This World — and It's Vegan!

Long gone are the days of just smearing butter or jam on your toast for breakfast. Creative foodies everywhere have started giving their bread slices some innovative upgrades, such as the unicorn toast and mermaid toast that recently stole our hearts (and our stomachs). But vegan chef Sam Murphy just introduced us to something that's about to make breakfast something utterly out of this world: galaxy toast.

At first glance, this photogenic breakfast treat looks like it's covered in globs of sugary, artificially dyed icing. But it turns out the toast is surprisingly nutritious — and vegan! We reached out to Sam and she gave us the details on how to craft this space-themed toast. She simply mixed vegan cashew cream cheese with black sesame paste and then used separate mixing bowls to add in some different vegan-friendly food dyes for those gorgeous colors. After marbling the mixtures onto whole rye crackers, Sam topped the pretty toasts with star sprinkles and edible glitter. Seriously, who could resist snapping a picture of these beauties?

This vegan breakfast goodie sounds so delicious, you'll be seeing stars after the first bite.

This post was originally posted on March 16, 2017.

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