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There's a new fitness game in town and it's ready to work you out and make you sweat. Your Shape ($69), a new Wii game by Ubisoft, makes Jenny McCarthy your workout coach and training buddy so you don't have to sweat it out alone.

The game comes with a camera that you perch on your TV; it captures your image and plays it on your TV so you move with a reflection of yourself, like looking in a mirror. The camera also monitors your movements, and if you slack off, Jenny will let you know — she also gives you praise when you make a correction. Who couldn't use an ego boost mid-workout?

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Aside from exercising next to the perky animated McCarthy, the game tailors workouts to you in type, length, and difficulty level. The game includes 400 exercises, so your workouts are never the same, which keeps you on your toes and busts the boredom common to home workouts. You can select to focus on cardio, strength training, or toning exercises, and focus on a specific body part. I selected a 15-minute burn, aka cardio, focusing on my backside. After a five-minute warmup, I did many lunges and kicks peppered with some old-school aerobics moves. When my grapevine turned sloppy, Jenny chimed in, "Please follow me." When I corrected my footwork she gave a "Fantastic!" You can also have the game add in exercises with equipment you already own, like an exercise ball, hand weights, or an aerobic step. Unlike many Wii Fit games, Your Shape creates a continuous workout and you can sweat it out for 45 minutes nonstop.

You begin playing the game with a fitness test, and every nine workouts you take the test again to assess your improvement. You can compete with other users registered to your game — up to four. The game drops Nov. 24, and will be available at Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other large retailers. If you're more of a mobile game player (or your kids hog the TV or the Wii), a PC version of the game, also $69, will be available for purchase in early December. This version comes with the camera as well so you can work out with Jenny anywhere.


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auddoc auddoc 7 years
I bought this recently, and although I do like it very much, it's not without it's problems. I like the camera idea, but like others have said, it won't recognize my moves at all. If I hear "uh-oh - your legs need a little help", I might punch the damn thing. I excercise regularly, and know what I'm doing, but it constantly corrects. I finally turned the voice down and just watch the moves instead. Having said that, i do feel like I get a very decent workout, the calorie count is about 50-100 calories higher than what my Polar monitor says, and I enjoy the different workouts - not knowing what comes next keeps me from getting bored. The Yoga workout is nice, but you have to know your moves (and I don't, but i managed) because it doesn't give you any instruction at all. Someone mentioned that it didn't recognize the stability ball or other accessories, but I haven't had that problem so far - those have been some of the really good exercises. Overall, I do like it, and would recommend it, but if I can figure out how to make it recognize my moves (or if they can correct it with an update) it would be a lot better. And I think it's a little over priced.
nickie823 nickie823 7 years
The game is a pain in my butt and not a fat burning one. Camera is not recognizing my moves properly. I guess I'll try to go spend more money to buy brighter clothing!
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