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Gap Introduces New Activewear Line: GapBodyFit

Gap Gets Serious About Activewear

Fab totally called it when she said that Gap was onto something. Besides an awesome Fall '10 line and a collaboration with Valentino, the clothing giant is making a serious attempt in the activewear market. I was a little blown over during a recent visit to the flagship store to see an entire room devoted to workout gear. Racks and shelves were filled with tanks, leggings, skorts, shorts, hoodies, and more, and people were going nuts over the stuff.

The new line, GapBodyFit, is a departure from Gap's previous attempt at activewear. If you ever owned any of it then you know what I'm talking about — more lounge than gym, its older offerings were easily mistakable for pajamas or what you'd wear to pick up the Sunday New York Times. The new line says, "We mean business" against activewear favorites like Nike, lululemon, or Lucy. Besides the wide variety, it's made with the athlete in mind: moisture-wicking materials reign supreme, all the garments have perfectly placed pockets, and it's as tight or as loose as the clothing should be depending on your workout. Beyond that, it's cute, stylish, and moderately priced. Tell me, will you be trading in your lululemons for a piece of the Gap?

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Angelica Angelica 6 years
I tried the sexy boot on and was almost convinced I should buy them (despite the fact that the name sounded like jeans), but I am going to wait it out. I'm with Chloe Bella - not ready to trade in my Lulu gear.
runningesq runningesq 6 years
Meh, for the price of the Gap pieces I could get Under Armor.. so no thanks. Chloe (and yes, I'm following you around Sugar today ;)): a lululemon just opened up about a mile from me. I'm afraid to go because I don't want to get hooked -- everyone I know that wears it loves it !
chloe-bella chloe-bella 6 years
No, I will not be trading in my lululemon apparel. The Gap's regular clothing always looks cheaply made to me, so I can't imagine that their activewear will be anywhere close to the quality of lululemon.
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