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Garlic Found Powerless Against High Levels of Cholesterol

Garlic was supposed to be cholesterol's pungent adversary, but it looks as if the herb is powerless against the fatty, artery clogging substance. For folks with moderate to high cholesterol levels adding raw garlic or garlic supplements to their diet has no significant effect on lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol concentrations or in triglyceride levels.

Earlier studies on garlic had mixed results, but researchers remained hopeful. In this study 192 subjects all with high level of cholesterol, were given the equivalent of one medium-size clove six days a week for six months. Their blood was drawn every month to check their cholesterol levels.

Crushed garlic contains allicin, which has been shown to inhibit cholesterol synthesis in a test tube. So it seems plausible that garlic could battle cholesterol. Alas, that is not the case.

It is still believed that garlic can help folks with healthy cholesterol levels maintain them, and prevent certain types of cancer.

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SassyRedhead SassyRedhead 10 years
I love garlic for lots of reasons, so this probably won't cut down on my use.
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