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I try find the silver lining of all seemingly bad things, even high gas prices.

When I get stressed out about how much I am paying at the pump I try and remember that research has found that an increase of an additional $1 per gallon in gasoline prices will reduce US obesity by 15 percent after five years by forcing us to walk, bike, or take public transportation (more walking) instead of using our cars. Furthermore, it may even lead us to eat at home instead of out in restaurants and drive-thru.

Clearly I have always been a proponent of walking, biking (it is Bike to Work Week), and taking public transportation for more reasons than just the high gas prices (more exercise during the day, better for the environment, etc.), but there is nothing wrong with trying to look on the brighter side of things. I, for one, just paid $4.23 per gallon [gasp] to fill up my car and definitely use the opportunity to walk whenever it's possible. What about you?


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