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Gear Review: Danskin Cycling Short

Known for its dancewear, Danksin makes great fitness gear, too. Which isn't a surprise considering they sponsor the longest running women's triathlon series in the US. I recently tried the Danskin Cycling Short ($60).

The shorts are lightweight, with a five-inch inseam, and a relatively thin chamois (aka padding). Although the product description says these shorts are, "An exceptional pick for spin class, triathlon training, and long bike treks." I found the chamois too thin for a long ride but still too thick for a tri workout. I wouldn't want to swim or run in these shorts. They were, however, great for spin class. I think the back zippered pocket is a great, perfect for holding lip balm or a Gu energy packet. I found the sizing a little large. The medium shorts were big on me in all the wrong places, and viewed from side the chamois gave the appearance that I was wearing a cod piece. Not flattering at all. In terms of wicking and washability, I give these shorts a thumbs up. You can buy them directly from Danskin.

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TeresaB81 TeresaB81 8 years
I know that some people live in a different world but do a lot of people really have $60 to spend on bicycling shorts? I work out regularly and know how important it is to have proper support--but if I have an extra $60, I'd rather use it for a good pair of jeans.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
Hmmm.. thanks for the review, Fit! I also find cycling shorts to be anything but attractive (let's face it, it's SPANDEX squishing your MIDDLE... and the chamois can either look like a giant camel toe or a diaper)... BUT if you throw a fun bike jersey over it you'll be okay ;)
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